Who am I

18 – October – 2014

As it sometimes happens, new challenges come your way .

I am a long time Vintage Breitling private collector that has now decided to start selling a large part of my collection to enable a life long dream for myself and my family .

I am active and very well known on many of the WIS fora (WatchUSeek, TimeZone, Omegaforum etc) and in particular on the vintage section of Breitlingsource.com so you may have seen some of my watches posted there as well over the last years.

If you somehow landed here looking for a Great & Collectable Vintage watch (don’t we all just do that constantly ?) , know me from the boards and want to know more about the ‘wild plans’ we have , just reach out to me and I will tell you all about it, but it involves salt water, a sailing boat and a lot of travel

To enable this great adventure we are looking forward embarking on , you are more than welcome to not negotiate (too much) on the asking pricesĀ  šŸ™‚

If you have an old Breitling or other brand watch which you would like to sell , and am unsure how to proceed I can assist as will , I may be selling a large part of my collection I keep the best pieces and am constantly on the lookout for watches to add to my much smaller personal collection.

please contact me through the following e-mail address : rene@kesting.nl with any questions you may have and I am of course more than willing to speak on the phone and discuss any questions you have or just talk about Vintage Breitling watches


Rene / Dracha

updateĀ  26-Mar-2022 :

well, we took off on a sailboat in 2017 and we’re still not done !


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