Enicar Sherpa Ultradive EPSA Supercompressor case

this watch is no longer available

Enicar Sherpa Ultradive

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If you have been following the Vintage watch market , and I assume you have been or you would not have been able to find this page, you know that these Enicar Sherpa watches are currently probably some of the most sought after vintage watches .

The one I am offering is a great example

please look at all the pictures as they show the watch properly , all pictures have not been altered and pics have been taken with very harsh flash so that every nick, scratch, dent etc is magnified . If you click on the little picture you can zoom in. Please remember that the watch looks better ‘in hand’

As far as I know and can see everything is totally original to the watch , winds buttery smooth , resets properly and keeps great time


Brand : Enicar

Model : Sherpa Ultradive

Reference : 144/35/09

Date : 1960ies

Size : 40mm (ex crown) 43.3 incl crownguards

Plexi : original , only superficial wear marks

Crown : Cross hatched EPSA spec. crown with Saturn logo

Case : EPSA super compressor case with Bayonette back

Back : all marking readable but some light marks

Hands : all original hands

Dial : black  with tritium lume on dial and hands , all tritium still intact and in fantastic condition

Movement : Ariste Racine signed on the baseplate and Enicar signed on the bridge

Strap : brown leather

serviced : recently serviced september 2016