Breitling Navitimer 1954 with Valjoux 72 movement

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Extremely rare 1954 AOPA Navitimer with Valjoux 72 movement, corroded matte silver plated hands, and no reference number. It’s one of the earliest Navitimer I have ever seen.

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It all started when Breitling & AOPA decided to develop a revolutionary watch with a built-in chronograph and navigation computer (sliderule).  Breitling Switzerland has indicated production began in 1952, but it’s my strong belief that the first Navitimers became available to the public in 1954.

AOPA (Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association) immediately decided to make it their official watch, and in that way the first Navitimer was born with AOPA’s beautiful official wing logo displayed on its dial.

Wakmann was the American distributor of Breitling watches in the 50’s, so they were selling the AOPA’s in USA, but at the same time Breitling produced a very limited amount of Navitimers sporting the “B” logo on the dial from 1954 to 56, to be sold outside USA by themselves.

The movement they used in 1954, and the first half of 1955, was the famous Valjoux 72. In the beginning, it didn’t have a reference number printed on the back.  It wasn’t until 1955 that the reference number officially became 806.



CASE & BACK: This watchmeasures a large 43 x 47.7 mm not including crown and is 14mm to the top of the flush fit crystal. The heavy all-steel case does not appear to have ever been polished and still shows its original bevels and contrast satin-polished finish and sharp lugs. There are very few superficial scratches and some nicks commensurate with a very lightly worn 60-year-old tool watch  — Fantastic vintage condition overall. The outer part of the snap steel back has some very light and superficial scratches but shows its original Breitling nomenclature of the period including the 839xxx serial number on the inside, which indicates a 1954 production, and correct without reference–also Excellent original cosmetic condition. The inner caseback shows no corrosion and has the correct internal Breitling engraving of the era.

BEZEL: The Stainless steel rotating rice bead bezel with 125 beads is correct and original and in Very Good condition . The bezel itself rotates with good tension in both directions as designed.

DIAL & HANDS: Absolutely Near Mint matte black dial with white printing and finely calibrated track and only the minor imperfections visible under a loupe . All original ‘light’ colored Tritium luminous numbers in fantastic condition. The Hands are as Near Mint and as always with these slightly corroded due to the radium as are the small white counter hands are Excellent with just a trace of spotting to its original luminous fill.

CROWN & PUSHERS: Signed Breitling crown looks very clean and winds and pulls out to the time-setting position as it should. It sits tightly against the case. The two pusher caps are likewise in Excellent shape and both chrono pushers work as they should and also nice and crisply.

CRYSTAL: Large flush-fit acrylic crystal is Excellent+ without scratches and no deep marks and sits barely proud of the bezel, which I believe to be correct for this model.

MOVEMENT: Legendary Valjoux 72 chronograph movement is looking bright and working well with all correct Breitling nomenclature of the era and shock protection. WHat has been serviced in 2012 and it is keeping good time with a strong power reserve and all chronograph functions are working properly and returning to zero. This is guaranteed to be the case at the time of shipment.

When I once asked Breitling how many Navitimers were produced with the V72 movement I was very surprised. Expecting no reply at all the next day I received a reply from Breitling Switzerland saying ‘1200 pieces’ . The popular quote is still

“Nobody knows for certain how many Navitimers were produced with the Valjoux 72 movement , but it’s beyond any doubt that it was a very limited number, thus the Valjoux 72 Navitimer has become a kind of cult watch for Navitimer collectors all over the world.”

but Breitling says 1200 pieces

From: Breitling Customer Service <>
Subject: RE: ATTN: Mrs Ilona Lachat , Inquiry about 1954 Navitimer
Date: 15 Mar 2012 11:45:56 GMT+1
To: “CCCC” <>

Dear Mr. “Breitling Collector”

Thank you for your email.

We produced 1200 pieces between 1954 and 1955

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Kind regards from Switzerland,

Ilona Lachat

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