We are still sailing !



We are still sailing !

I know that we were only supposed to be gone for a year or 2 , sailing around the world with Blue Pearl 

However we really do like this lifestye and were not done yet  , we do however invite people over to come sail with us , so if you’re up for a vacation or just want to talk watches and have a drink ? yeah.. blatant self promotion and trying to make some money so we ca continue sailing and not collecting watches 😉


click here !!


ps if you’d like to support us in another way , I do still have some non-advertised watches that I kept for last (all black 806’s , all black 765’s , Super Ocean 2005 etc ) and that I might be pursuaded to let go . These wont be cheap but they are the absolute best , just drop me a note at : Rene(at)kesting.nl

And now were off again and I wish you all fair winds